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성경본문 : Ephesians2:8-22 


In addition to his gift for teaching, Dr. Dunbar serves the seminary as its president. He is actively involved in ministry to local churches and played a leadership role for a church plant. Dave preaches at a variety of churches and is a popular conference speaker in the summer months.

Dr. Dunbar taught at Northeastern Bible College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School before coming to Biblical in 1986. He and his wife, Sharon, have two daughters and two sons. His oldest daughter and son-in-law are 2003 graduates of Biblical.

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BS, Penn State University
MDiv, Biblical Theological Seminary
ThM, Westminster Theological Seminary
PhD, Drew University


Culture and theology, postmodern Christian thought, missional theology.


"The Founder Effect" &"Theological Hospitality," Missional Journal







List of Articles
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19 말씀강단 Preaching16->>Team Pastor at Calvary Vision Church (하형록 목사) file 출애굽기 Exdous19:3-4  25706
18 말씀강단 Preaching15->>Pastor Darryl Lang file 1 Peter5:1-6  22135
17 말씀강단 Preaching14->> 이강민 Pastor (BTS) file 레위기 (제사 시리즈1)  21331
16 말씀강단13 Preaching13->>원도연 목사(한어권 부목사: Christ Life Church) file 요한1서3:1-3 (당신은 아버지의 사랑을 깨닫고 있습니까?)  20003
15 말씀강단12 Preaching12->>Pastor (EM) Richard Oh   22801
» 말씀강단11 Preaching11->>Dr. Dave Dunbar (President at Biblical Theological Seminary) Ephesians2:8-22  13911
13 말씀강단 10 Preaching 10->>원도연 목사:한어권 부목사 (Christ Life Church [황삼열 목사 시무]) file 요한1서2:18-25 1 John2:18-25  16796
12 말씀강단9 Preaching9 ->>(Mr. John Frying at Rohm & Haahs Inc.) file John4:4-42 (주님을 만난 한 여인 A Woman of the World meets the Savior of the World)  13449
11 말씀강단8 Preaching8 ->>(Dr. Stephen S. Taylor at Biblical Theological Seminary) file 누가복음10 (선한 사마리아인의 비유)  13344
10 말씀강단7 Preaching7->>(Senior Pastor: Mark Prugh at Immauel Church of Nazarene) file 데살로니가전서5:23 (1Thessalonians5:23)  14653

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