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77. Abuse in the Church: Biblical, Legal & Counseling Perspectives)


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Congratulations To Desiree Guyton on receiving approval to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of New Jersey. To find out more about our program and how you can become an LPC, cl...

76. 도시선교 file


  • 조회 3807

필라델피아 다운타운 도시선교 (홈리스사역)

75. 김수지 교수 선교 보고회 file


  • 조회 7693

김수지 교수 선교 보고회 한국의 백의의 천사 나이팅게일이라고 불리는 김수지 교수가 작년 2월 아프리카 말라위 선교사로 헌신하시고, 현지병원에서 간호사를 키우는 사역을 하시고 계십니다. 말라위는 아프리카 최빈국 중 하...

74. 월드비젼 World Vision


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Why visit My World Vision?What's new?Why is connecting with your sponsored child so important?Access your account View your giving history Sign up for Automatic Giving More than 300,000 unique visit...

73. Missional Movement for 21st Century


  • 조회 5597

Missional Journal David G. Dunbar, President April 2012 Vol. 6 No. 1 ____________________ Click below to access past Missional Journals Archived Missional Journals Blog with Dave Share Your Thoughts Qui...

72. Harvest News


  • 조회 3356


71. CSB ministries file


  • 조회 3707

*Arden Musselman (Regional Director) www.csbministries.org

70. 한국교회의 회개와 갱신을 위한 대 사경회


  • 조회 3619

69. Tim's Missional Journey In The Campus!


  • 조회 3315

The Students & Staff I Led Through Matthew 5-7 Last Year @ Our Dig-In Diggin' In This Weekend ...and a little Linsanity! Dear Changhwan,Tomorrow, over 100 students from 7 different campuses in N...

68. <PGM> 중장기선교사 훈련모집‏


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서비스 링크


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